Back Pain Treatment

Chronic back pain is the most common condition we treat at Quantum Pain Management with low level laser therapy. Back pain treatment with low level laser therapy, or cold laser, helps to desensitise irritated nerves which reduces pain and can lead to a sustained reduction in nerve irritability. The anti-inflammatory effect of laser therapy also provides the site of pain an opportunity to repair tissue and improve mobility. Hence, cold laser is not just addressing the symptoms of back pain but its root causes. The American College of Physicians has recently included cold laser in their clinical guidelines for patients with chronic low back pain.


At Quantum Pain Management we have had extensive experience treating back pain due to a range of causes. This ranges from acute injury, such as a vehicle accident or work injury, to degenerative disc disease or a lumbar herniated disc (bulging disc). The large nerve roots and the smaller nerves that supply the lower back can often be irritated and unfortunately the nature of the dysfunction is normally such that pain radiates to other parts of the body