Low level laser therapy is a medically proven, non-drug, non-invasive treatment that has been used in Australia for over 30 years. Given our clinic location in Castle Hill we have been treating patients from the Inner West for nearly 25 years. We are a short 20 minute drive from most parts of the Inner West. Dr. Roberta Chow has been practising in Castle Hill since 1988 and was awarded a PhD for her study of cold laser for neck pain from the University of Sydney. Quantum Pain Management are experts in the treatment of many chronic pain conditions ranging from knee pain to neuropathic pain. We are a private pain management clinic with minimal waiting times which can compare to months or years with respect to other pain management clinics.

For patients coming from the Inner West we suggest travelling via the M4 then James Ruse Drive.  Our Castle Hill clinic has parking on site and has an easy access ramp in the rear of the building.

Low level laser therapy has many different names but its most common name is ‘cold laser’. It is called cold laser because the devices and probes used emit low levels of laser or LED light which neither cut nor burn (in comparison to surgical or ‘hot laser’).  Cold laser has been researched and used in clinical settings for 40 years across such institutions as Harvard and NASA as well as in many hospitals including Australia’s own Royal Children’s Hospital.