Quantum Pain Management has been treating patients from the Northern Beaches for over 30 years. Dr. Roberta Chow has practised cold laser in Castle Hill since 1988 and is a world-leading clinician and published researcher.  Patients from the Northern Beaches can nearly always drive or commute after treatment (if they were mobile before treatment). We do ask patients to avoid the activities that gave rise to the pain in the first instance.  That said, patients can continue their daily activities.

Quantum Pain Management is a private pain management with minimal waiting times. Low level laser therapy is our cornerstone treatment however patients receive an holistic approach to pain management.  That means our team will discuss with you and assess your clinical history, medication requirements, our treatment protocols and your individual goals. In general, patients tend to experience the benefits of cold laser within the first six treatments. For more chronic and long standing conditions we will discuss with you the optimal protocol going forward.

Low level laser therapy, also known as “cold laser”, is not a new treatment and has been employed in clinical settings for over 40 years.  This modality has over 4000 papers published and its popularity in Australia is increasing.