Low level laser therapy is a medically proven, non-drug, non-invasive treatment with over 40 years of research. Quantum Pain Management are Sydney’s leaders in cold laser with Dr. Roberta Chow having employed laser therapy for over 30 years. ¬†Over many years we have developed treatment protocols for a wide range of medical conditions ranging from chronic back pain to fibromyalgia. Dr. Chow has practised low level laser therapy in Sydney since 1988. She was awarded a PhD in the field and is a published researcher in both the Lancet and Pain journals.


We encourage patients to try low level laser therapy before surgery and in many cases we are able to lower medication requirements for chronic pain sufferers and prolong the need for surgical intervention. Low level laser therapy essentially does the same thing for all medical conditions – that is, it promotes cellular health and therefore it is addressing the underlying causes of your pain, not just the symptoms. Our clinic in Sydney can provide timely treatment with minimal waiting times and is located within a 30 minute drive from the Sydney CBD. Our clinic in Castle Hill is open 4 days a week (except Wednesdays) and we can be reached on 02 82124511.