The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that approximately 3 million individuals (or 13.5% of the total population) suffer from some form of back pain – including osteoarthritis, disc deterioration, spinal cord degeneration, joint damage, sciatic nerve damage, and injury-related stressors. These symptoms have devastating effects and often prove chronic, with the Institute noting that 86% of sufferers experience pain at least one day per week.

The necessity of back pain specialists in the Central Coast is, therefore, undeniable. Patients need relief — which Quantum Pain Management offers. We deliver non-invasive solutions for those requiring acute, chronic, or neuropathic aid. To schedule a consultation contact us today.

Quantum Pain Management: About Us

Established in 2013, Quantum Pain Management serves as the leading back pain specialist in North Sydney and beyond. Our dedicated team – led by Dr. Roberta Chow, President of the Australian Medical Laser Association and member of the Steering Committee during the development (and ratification) of the National Pain Strategy Plan – stresses the value of progressive treatments. We target lower and lower symptoms through Low Level Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, and Prolotherapy. Each reduces inflammation and elevates patient well-being.

In need of a back pain specialist in Parramatta or a back pain specialist in the Sydney CBD? Trust our experienced team to provide medically-proven care.

The Expanding Epidemic: Understanding the Importance of Back Pain Specialists in the Central Coast

Back pain – and, subsequently, the need for back pain specialists in Parramatta and Sydney – is a growing concern. According to the Medical Journal of Australia (, 79.2% of all adults and 84% of all children will experience at least one instance of back-related symptoms. These symptoms may have long-term effects, with approximately one-third of individuals unable to achieve full recoveries.

Seeking a back pain specialist in the Sydney CBD or a back pain specialist in North Sydney proves essential, therefore. Individuals suffering from upper or lower complications need proper solutions, learning how to identify, manage, and treat their symptoms. We offer those solutions.

Choosing a Back Pain Specialist on the Central Coast: Our Services

As the premier back pain specialists in North Sydney and beyond, Quantum Pain Management emphasises the need for superior clinical care. This is why we offer our patients evidentiary-based treatments, including:

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) applies LED lighting to the skin, triggering cellular regeneration to reduce swelling, stimulate tissue repair, and provide relief.


Prolotherapy utilises non-pharmacological injections (as administered by our back pain specialists in Parramatta) to target weakened tissue, bolstering the tendons, ligaments, and musculoskeletal system.


Back pain specialists in the Sydney CBD may reduce inflammation through acupuncture, encouraging the body’s natural healing processes through needle-based stimulations.

To schedule an appointment with the Quantum Pain Management team – or to learn more about our treatment options – contact us today: