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Surgery is not the only option to treat sciatic nerve pain in North Sydney. At Quantum Pain Management, we offer patients a treatment that can help restore a quality of life without the use of drugs and with no side effects. Our non-invasive treatment is proven to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Surgery has been known to leave individuals with long-term pain as a side effect. If you have tried surgery and other forms of treatment to no avail, visit us at Quantum Pain Management for a treatment backed by thirty years of research.

The Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. Formed by the nerve roots that come out of the spinal cord into the lower back. Irritation of the nerve can cause pain in the lower back, the thigh, and the knee. The most prevalent cause of sciatic nerve pain is lumbar disc herniation that results in a pressing on the nerve. Other causes include tumours, internal bleeding, infections, and even pregnancy. The resulting pain can be debilitating on a daily basis.

Patients suffering from sciatic nerve pain will feel numbness or tingling in the lower back down into the back of the leg. Walking can be difficult as can bending over or even lying down. Managing pain resulting from sciatica is difficult. You may be one of the many who has tried surgery only to remain with long-term pain as a consequence.

Quantum Pain Management Can Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain in Sydney CBD

Dr. Roberta Chow is a world leader and Ph.D. in the field of laser therapy for pain management. She has been using light therapy since 1988 and is known in Australia for bringing this innovative treatment to residents of Sydney CBD, the Central Coast, North Sydney, and Parramatta. Low-level laser therapy, or LLLT, is not a “Band-Aid” treatment. Many treatments for sciatica pain, back pain, and other forms of pain tend to mask the pain and do not treat the underlying causes. There is in excess of 30 years of evidence around LLLT.

Laser treatment works by applying the light to the skin at the area where there is pain. The injured area below the skin will absorb the light and convert it to energy. The energy helps to reduce stress in the affected area and allows cells to begin working to heal the body. The laser blocks pain signals in the nerves and reduces inflammation. This results in reduced pain and research show that this form of treatment has an overall body effect and produces no side effects. Light therapy can treat sciatic nerve pain in Parramatta and is a non-drug option which has no side effects.

To learn more about we can help you treat sciatic nerve pain on the Central Coast, please visit our website, www.quantump.com.au. You can also call us directly at 612 8212 4511 for further assistance.