Migraines can be intensely painful, so much so that they interfere with everyday life. For those searching for effective migraine treatment in Sydney CBD, Quantum Pain Management is Australia’s leader in a form of therapy that offers sufferers another alternative. Backed by over thirty years of research and used in countries like Germany and Japan, low-level laser therapy is proven treatment for those who suffer from chronic pain related to many medical conditions. If you have tried other treatments for your migraines, let us at Quantum Pain Management help you lead a more productive and pain-free life.

Causes of Migraines

It is not entirely clear exactly what causes migraine headaches, but there are many possibilities. Migraines may be the result of imbalances in brain chemicals such as serotonin, which helps to regulate pain in the nervous system. When serotonin levels drop, the result is intense headaches. There are a variety of things that can trigger a drop in serotonin and a resulting migraine.

Hormonal changes in women can cause migraines. Some women have a tendency to develop migraines when pregnant or going through menopause. Medications such as oral contraceptives can aggravate migraines. Eating specific foods may be a trigger for some people. Others may interrupt their routine and not get enough sleep. Travelling and suffering jet lag may also trigger a migraine. With the number of things that can aggravate a migraine, it is hard to find treatments that work.

Migraine Treatment in Central Coast That Is Proven

At Quantum Pain Management, we provide patients with a proven method of therapy that can treat pain and not simply mask it. We are Australia’s leader in low-level laser therapy; a unique form of treatment also used in Japan and Germany and is now growing in popularity in Australia. At QPM we treat all forms of pain from back pain to migraines. We remain devoted to providing our patients with a more rewarding, pain-free life.

Our form of migraine treatment in North Sydney, low-level laser therapy, is backed by three decades of research. Using light therapy will block pain nerves and reduce inflammation in the areas where you have pain. You will experience improved circulation and less inflammation resulting in revitalized cells that will help your body heal. There are no known side effects. Our light therapy is effective, migraine treatment for those who have tried other treatments with mixed success.

Choose Quantum Pain Management

Our mission at Quantum Pain Management is to help patients live free from pain and recapture their quality of life. We set about doing so by providing not only an efficacious treatment but also a level of service that puts patients at ease. Our treatments are pain-free. If you have been searching for migraine treatment in Parramatta, Central Coast, Sydney CBD, or North Sydney, visit our website, www.quantumpm.com.au, to learn more or call us directly at 612 8212 4511.