If you are enduring chronic neck pain, you have probably been searching for some form of relief for a long time. Frustrated, you continue trying everything from changing doctors to painkillers, physiotherapy, and more. Still, your pain persists. At Quantum Pain Management we are presented with stories like this daily. Quantum Pain Management has been providing neck pain relief in the Central Coast and our own Dr. Roberta Chow is recognized nationally as a leader in light therapy to provide relief to not only neck pain, but back pain, shoulder pain, and more. If you have chronic pain we can help to manage it using drug-free, non-invasive forms of treatment.

What Causes Chronic Neck Pain?

There is any number of reasons why you might be suffering from chronic neck pain. You may have some abnormalities in your bones or joints or even a degenerative disease that is causing you pain. If you were in some form of accident, the trauma you suffered could lead to constant pain. Poor posture or even working in certain positions for many years could result in neck pain.

Some neck pain will radiate down the arm and even end up in the hands and fingers. You may experience numbness in the arms or hands. Often, the symptoms of neck pain are temporary and can be treated with certain forms of non-surgical care like medication. At Quantum Pain Management, we are dedicated to finding neck pain relief for Parramatta, North Sydney, Central Coast, and Sydney CBD residents.

Find Neck Pain Relief in Sydney CBD at Quantum Pain Management

At Quantum Pain Management, we are at the forefront of painless, non-invasive methods of treating pain. Using the latest in low-level laser technology, we have been able to achieve success in treating neck pain, back pain, and pain related to a variety of conditions.

Low-level laser therapy, or light therapy, is a technique that utilizes LED/laser light from a laser to reduce pain and promote the healing of damaged tissue. The reason light therapy is effective is because it works on the body’s cells and treats the causes of pain. Other treatments like medication simply mask pain. Undergoing low-level laser therapy is also painless and has no side effects.

Thirty years of research proves that light therapy can be successful in providing neck pain relief for North Sydney residents. This type of treatment is medically proven, non-drug, non-invasive method of promoting tissue healing, reducing inflammation, and offering pain relief with no known side effects. To learn more about our chronic neck pain treatment, visit our website www.quantumpm.com.au. You can call 612 8212 4511 to arrange an appointment or seek further assistance.