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There are many different treatments and remedies available for those who suffer from chronic pain. From tennis elbow to migraines, people with pain have choices. The problem for those dealing with ongoing pain is that many of these remedies and therapies leave the patient in pain.

At Quantum Pain Management, our treatment modality for chronic pain patients is backed by 30 years of evidence-based research. Dr. Roberta Chow is well-known across Australia for the use of low laser light therapy to help provide pain management in Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Central Coast, and Parramatta. There is long standing evidence that proves that low laser light therapy (LLLT) can treat pain related to many musculoskeletal conditions.

Documented Success of Pain Management in North Sydney

In most cases, Dr. Chow and our team at Quantum Pain Management treats patients who have tried a multitude of different treatments for their pain. Our patients have tried medication and often surgery in an attempt to control their pain. There is mixed evidence to support the outcomes that these types of treatments provide to alleviate pain. Our light therapy is backed by evidence from in excess of 400 controlled trials. These trials and their results have been logged in over 4,000 different research papers proving that low-level light therapy can provide long-term pain management. Whilst research for other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease is in its infancy there is strong evidence for musculoskeletal pain, dysfunction and injury; these are exactly what we at Quantum Pain Management treat.

How Low-Level Laser Therapy Works

As Australia’s leader in this type of therapy, we at QPM take pride in being on the cutting edge of non-invasive, painless treatments for injury and discomfort. We have a long history of treating complex pain relating to the neck, back, joints, migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Laser light, or LED, is applied to the skin in the area where there is pain. The body receives the light and converts it into energy. The resulting energy is restored to the cell resulting in less stress. The cells can then initiate the body’s healing response.

This type of pain management in the Central Coast is unique for a number of reasons. Light therapy is a proven treatment backed by over 30 years of research. It is also a unique form of treatment since it reduces and manages pain and does not merely mask the pain as other therapies often do.

Choose Quantum Pain Management

If you are one of the many Australians suffering from chronic pain and do not know what to do, visit our website, www.quantumpm.com.au, to learn more about the therapy that can help you manage your pain and lead a more productive life. We can offer pain management in Parramatta that is proven to work and a level of service that you will appreciate. For further assistance, call 612 8212 4511.