The search for pain management often proves long – with patients experiencing an endless series of physiotherapies, chiropractic services, surgical procedures and anti-inflammatory medications. While these methods offer relief, they rarely offer longevity. Their value can be mixed, with the International Neuromodulation Society noting that between 20% to 40% of invasive surgeries fail.

This negatively impacts each patient’s quality of life, forcing them to suffer through multiple (ineffective) treatments. These treatments target the symptoms of chronic conditions, rather than the causes; and they prove unable to stimulate cellular regeneration. This leads to the need for pain specialists in North Sydney, pain specialists in Parramatta and pain specialists in the Sydney CBD. Quantum Pain Management provides another avenue for pain management.

Quantum Pain Management: About Us

Quantum Pain Management has served as the nation’s premier provider of low level laser therapies, acupuncture therapies, and prolotherapy since 2013. Our team – led by Dr. Roberta Chow (PhD) and LLLT Practitioners Rachel Hughes and Narelle Winney – stresses the value of non-invasive methods, promoting improved systemic effects through evidence-based treatments.

We also offer experience. As the leading pain specialists in North Sydney, we help our patients identify the sources of their chronic conditions (including neck and back pain, tendonitis, sciatic nerve pain, bursitis, joint pain, and arthritic pain). Through this, we can more effectively establish treatment regimens and reduce inflammation.

Seeking a Pain Specialist in the Sydney CBD: Our Treatments

To provide our patients with the non-invasive and non-drug services they require, our pain specialists in Parramatta and beyond emphasize three medically-proven treatments:

Low Level Laser Therapy

This treatment utilizes LED applications to stimulate cell renewal and improve circulation. It reduces oxidative stress to promote full system healing.


This treatment directly targets pain, with non-pharmacological solutions injected into the body. These solutions bond to connective tissue and improve regenerative functions.


This treatment – often used as a complement to Low Level Laser Therapy and Prolotherapy – restores cellular balance, utilizing established points (or meridians) to stimulate regeneration and alleviation.

Our pain specialists in North Sydney combine these treatments to address a variety of symptoms, including: upper and lower back pain, migraines, carpal tunnel and RSI, muscle sprains, and more.

Choosing a Pain Specialist in Parramatta and Beyond: Our Experience

To ensure that our patients receive exceptional care, we connect them to experienced support – as provided by Dr. Robert Chow. For more than 15 years, Dr. Chow has dedicated herself to the field of laser therapy. Her efforts resulted in a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, as well as positions with the Australian Medical Laser Associations. She’s a leading pain specialist in the Sydney CBD, having served on the Steering Commitment for the National Pain Strategy.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Chow contact Quantum Pain Management today on 612-8212-4511.