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The MBF Foundation – in conjunction with the University of Sydney Pain Management Research Institute and Access Economics – released a startling series of statistics regarding chronic pain. In an exhaustive year-long study, it discovered that persistent symptoms affect approximately 3.1 million Australians (1.4 million males and 1.7 million females). This represents almost 14% of the total population, with instances noted in all age demographics.

Chronic pain is a growing concern in Australia. Its physical and emotional impacts spread across the nation – leaving individuals unable obtain the qualities of life they deserve. To counter this Quantum Pain Management delivers cold laser therapy to the Sydney CBD, offering our patients clinically-proven ways to alleviate inflammation and reduce symptoms.

Quantum Pain Management: About Us

Since 2013, Quantum Pain Management has provided cold laser therapy for pain. Under the supervision of Dr. Robert Chow (PhD, honorary research associate of the nerve Research Institute, and President of the Australian Medical Laser Association), we deliver low-level LED applications. These are both non-invasive and drug-free, reducing inflammation with no known side effects. We enable our patients to experience chronic pain relief.

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The Necessity of Cold Laser Therapy in the Sydney CBD

A recent article in The Conversation notes the high cost of chronic conditions. It states only 20% of those suffering from long-lasting conditions – such as arthritis, back pain, sciatic pain, or joint damage – receive proper clinical care, and less than 10% seek multidisciplinary care. This leaves the remaining population requiring other remedies.

Cold laser therapy for pain provides another remedy. This treatment, which uses LED pulses to penetrate the skin and activate cells, promotes healing in those with chronic conditions. It lowers oxidative stress, reducing swelling, irritation, and inflammation. It also stimulates circulation, which supports healthy organ functioning.

This is vital for those experiencing chronic back pain, nerve pain, neck pain, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, muscle sprains, and more – with cold laser therapy in the Sydney CBD providing access to non-invasive treatment. It offers the opportunity to reclaim a higher quality of life.

How Many Cold Laser Therapy for Pain Treatments are Needed?

Each patient presents a unique series of symptoms, medical profiles, and needs. Cold laser therapy treatments will, therefore, vary. The Quantum team estimates between six to eight sessions for most individuals, with treatment sessions lasting no more than half an hour.

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Chronic pain now ranks among the most common conditions experienced by Australians. Cold laser therapy may help to reduce its effects. To learn more contact the Quantum team today: